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  • The ad dimensions are listed on the rate sheet next to each size.

  • For Full-Page Ads:

    • The actual size of the page (trim size) is 5.5" x 8.5"

    • Most Full-Page ads should be 5" x 8" to accommodate for the margin

    • Ads intended to print to the edge of the page should have the trim size dimensions of 5.5" x 8.5" AND must also have an additional 1/8" on each side for the bleed.

File Types

  • It is recommended that ads be submitted as either a JPG, GIF, or PDF file.

  • Files may also be submitted as EPS, AI, PSD, and BMP files.

  • Business cards and other graphics can be scanned if an electronic copy is not available.

  • We can also help to develop your ad.

Additional Specifications

  • PPI: For the best output, a ppi of 200-300 is recommended.

  • For Color Ads: The full-color range is available.

Web Tile Ads

  • Tile Ads should have the following specifications

    • 130px width by 100px height

    • 72 ppi or less

    • Animated GIFs are acceptable or an additional hover image are acceptable.

  • At this time, web ads are only available as part of the ad package for advertisers who have purchased a full-page ad in our program.

For additional questions please e-mail