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St. Dunstan's

The Cranbrook Greek Theater

The Cranbrook Greek Theatre was built in 1916 and is one of only a handful of such theatres in the country. It was designed by Detroit-based architect, Marcus Burrowes, who was also responsible for the plans of some of Cranbrook's original buildings. The first production featured a troupe of 132 actors, including silent film star, Constance Binney. With typical open-air theatre irony, the inaugural performance was rained out, soaking an audience of Detroit luminaries, including Henry Ford. St. Dunstan's often presents its June production in the Greek Theater. During the summer the space is used by Cranbrook Summer Theatre School. 

The Pavilion

Our indoor theatre, the Pavilion, was originally built as an open air shelter to the outdoor Greek Theatre. Ultimately, the Pavilion was transformed into a more practical building. The work was designed and supervised by Eliel Saarinen, who created world-renowned architecture throughout the Cranbrook Community. In 1932, St. Dunstan's was granted use of the Pavilion as our permanent home, where we have proudly performed for 92 years. Doing much of the work ourselves, St. Dunstans's has turned this once-empty building into a working theatre and home to one of the premiere amateur theaters in southeast Michigan - Voted "Best Theater Group in Click on Detroit's "4 the Best" poll.

Find out more about the Cranbrook Community by visiting their website at

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

We at St. Dunstan’s Theatre are striving to be an inclusive and anti-racist organization and community, where we support and celebrate diversity. We are actively working toward deep, systemic change by being part of the solution to help create a safe and equitable place to grow our love of theatre together with members of the local and larger communities. In order to stand with and support marginalized community members and celebrate ALL members of our community, we are taking the following action steps:

--We will strive for diversity in leadership positions to influence the policies, practices and programming of our organization.

--We will diversify our programming by seeking scripts that give voices to the stories of marginalized people. 

--We will strive for diversity in our talent when seeking directors, actors, and crew members.

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Our Team

St. Dunstan's is run entirely through volunteer members. Onstage and off, we all share the love of theatre and a commitment to our "home away from home." We're also dedicated to the community and donate a portion of our proceeds each year to support three Cranbrook scholarships.

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