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Contributions & Donations

By joining our Artisans Program, you can put yourself right on the stage and still watch from the audience. As many of you know, our Guild is named after St. Dunstan, the patron saint of Artisans and Craftsmen. In fact, a statue of him overlooks our patrons as they enter the theater. We are appealing to all our patrons to help us to bring the high-quality productions to which you have become accustomed. 

As a non-profit organization, St. Dunstan's Theatre Guild of Cranbrook relies on financial support from corporations, foundations, and our patrons to supplement revenue generated through ticket sales. The donations received will help expand all our artistic capabilities and benefit our ongoing outreach programs.

​All donations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  St. Dunstan's Guild is a qualified 501(c)(3) organization.

How to donate:

All donors will be listed in our programs and here on the website.

Donor Levels

PRODUCER: $1000+

DIRECTOR: $500 to $999

LEADING ROLE: $250 to $499

SUPPORTING ROLE: $100 to $249

ENSEMBLE: $1 to $99

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Thank you for helping us make a difference!

2023-2024 Donors

Thank you to everyone who has generously donated to St. Dunstan's Theatre this year. Your generous support helps us to continue making improvements to our theatre.

In the past few years, your donations have helped us upgrade our sound and lighting equipment, put in new curtains for under our stage, helped us cover the cost of archiving our photo composites and provided hearing assistance devices for patrons! Thank you!

DIRECTOR LEVEL ($500-$999)

Doug & Laura Respecki

Alan Semonian

Bob & Peggy Yazejian

Jeff Davison & Anthony Marsalese

Tim & Julie McGee




Be Kind Project

Al & Ruth Bennett

Glen Bennett

Kathryn Breech

Kathy Brooks & Obie Burch

Betty Civitello

DeAnn Forbes

Miles Hart

Marc Myers & Matt Horn

Marsha & Don Schulz

Eileen White

Debby and Hugh Sloan

in honor of Duffy Wineman's graduation from Wayne State University.

Shaffer Weber

Megan Weeks

Duffy Wineman


ENSEMBLE ($1-$99)

Annette Abdelfatah

Renee Ahee

Kristine Ahn

Kelley Black

Nancy Brassert

Leslie Brudne

Penelope Calcaterra

John Correia

Ron DiSalvio

Molly & Paul Dorset

Sally Dorset

Aaron Ellis

Harry Ellman

Colleen Farrell

Margaret Mary Feely

Meg Franchi

Albert George

Sherry Gershenson

Kiren Ghei

Lisa Goldstein

Ronald Gruskin

Pamela Hall

in honor of Duffy Wineman's birthday

Donna Harrison-Noska

Rachelle Hartley

Maggie Hilliard

Sidney Holmes

Stephanie Hummel

Karen Jbara

Stephanie Jekielek

Jennifer Jones

Kremhelmer Family

Deborah Leach

Laura Livrone

Wendell and Susan Lochbiler

Marilyn Maher

Nancy Mahlin

Barbara Mathers

Stanley Moore

Ginny Norvell

Carole Pazzuoli

in honor of Duffy Wineman's birthday

Corinne Pirog

Nadia Purnell

James Remski

Jay Reynolds

Jeffrey Solecki

Theodore Rosteck

Michele Varady

Amber Vasser

Rebecca Walters

Shaffer Webber

Dian Wilkins

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