Join the fun with St. Dunstan's Theatre's first ever Short Play Festival (Virtual Edition). You'll enjoy eight different stories told by local Michigan playwrights, featuring a variety of tug-at-your-heart and laugh-out-loud moments.

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The Plays:


Jack Writes Home by Maureen Paraventi (directed by Sean Kecskes) is a touching drama which follows the story of Jack, a young soldier, in the midst of World War II.


Answer the Door by Pete DiSante (directed by Meg Berger) tells the comical story of a long-married couple as they discuss whether or not to see who is at the door.


The Voice by Meg Berger (directed by Deb Dworkin), tells how an online video game takes an unexpected turn when two friends start hearing a mysterious Voice in this comic play.


Drink When She, written and directed by Tara Makar, takes a comedic look at a group of friends catching up online as they toast each other's foibles.


A Quick Fix by Marilyn Zerlak (directed by Tony Targan), tells how a woman's blind date quickly takes a hilarious turn.


Everyday Woo Woo by Kris Kelly (directed by Jake Zinke) tells the story of a daughter who learns an important lesson from her mother about what's important during the time we have together.


Unusual Suspects by Jake Zinke (directed by Kathleen Lietz) follows a true-crime podcaster as she interviews a cast of zany suspects to find out what really happened on the night her father died.


Skin Deep, written and directed by Stephen Sussman, tells the comical story of Jamie, a high school student, as she shares a surprise request with her parents -- but will it go as she's planned?


If you can, please consider adding a donation to your ticket purchase. Thank you for your support!

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