Playhouse on Haunted Hill

Audition Notice

Playhouse on Haunted Hill


Creative Directors: Jake Zinke and Meg Berger


Auditions: Saturday, August 27, 7 pm at St. Dunstan’s

Theatre. Check-ins begin at 6:30pm.

Call-backs, if needed, will be held Monday, August 29

at 7 pm. 


Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script as

well as improv-style scenes.


Playhouse on Haunted Hill will run for 6 performances, Friday, October 14 to Sunday, October 16 and Thursday, October 20 to Saturday, October 22.

Sunday 10/16 will be a 2pm matinee. All other performances begin at 8pm. 


This comedy by Michigan playwright, Jake Zinke, brings a naughty twist to the 1959 classic Vincent Price film, House on Haunted Hill. Complete with a quacky psychic, a discredited “sex” doctor, a blackmailer, and murder, this wacky mystery-comedy also pays homage to such cult classics as Clue and Murder by Death. When an eccentric billionaire gathers a group of guests for a party in the extremely haunted St. Dunstan’s Theatre, will they be able to survive a night with the wise-cracking spirits? Join us to celebrate the Halloween season with this spooky laugh-fest!


St. Dunstan’s Theatre celebrates the LGBTQIA community. We encourage trans and non-binary actors, and actors of all genders, to audition for any roles they feel comfortable and willing to portray. The pronouns used for the characters in the show are listed below.


St. Dunstan’s Theatre is committed to taking an anti-racist role in casting. Actors of all ethnicities and skin tones are encouraged to audition and will be considered for all roles.




Vincent Usher, (he/him) eccentric billionaire, host of the party, embodies Vincent Price, 40s to 60s


Ligeia, (she/her) moody and dramatic, married to Vincent, 30s to 50s


Dr. Fortunato, (he/him) chauvinistic, discredited “sex” doctor, likes wine 


Lenore, (she/her) impressionable young secretary, easily frightened (or just good at acting scared?)


Detective Dupin, (they/them) sharp, quick-witted detective who finds (imagines?) clues everywhere


Oda Mae Browne, (she/her) a clairvoyant psychic medium who has questionable talents and is a magnet for slapstick humor 


Truman Caboddy, (he/him/they/them) ill-fated, yet stylish, owner of the playhouse, armed with a dry sense of humor


Caretaker, (he/him) caretaker of the playhouse and grounds, mover of dead bodies, part-time underwear model 


Hitchcock/Caretaker’s Wife, (he/him/she/her) Hitchcock is…well, Hitchcock. The Wife is a ghastly specter, who pops up now and then and scares the guests

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