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St. Dunstan’s Theatre is pleased to announce Open Auditions for our first ever Virtual Short Play Festival


These auditions will take place over ZOOM on WEDNESDAY, FEB. 24 from 7 to 10pm.

Please go to the following link to sign up for auditions:


  • Please sign up by 7pm on MONDAY, FEB. 22. Once you are signed up, we will email everyone a link to the auditions as well as a specific audition time slot within the 7 to 10pm window.

  • Selected readings from the plays will be provided for auditions. The audition cuts will either be emailed to you or screen-shared during the auditions. The scripts are also available to read at this link:

  • If you would like to audition but cannot make the audition date listed above please email 

  • All plays will be cast by the directors as a team. (There are 8 directors, one for each play.) Each actor may be cast in up to two roles. 

  • You do not need to be a member of St. Dunstan’s Theatre or pay a membership fee to participate in this production.


The performance date will be Saturday, March 20, 2021 at 8:00pm. 


Rehearsals and performances will all take place over Zoom. Nothing will be in-person. Plays will either be performed “live” over Zoom or will be pre-recorded, at the discretion of the director.


Below is a list of the plays and characters for which we will be casting. Auditionees will be cast in no more than 2 roles.


“Jack Writes Home” by Maureen Paraventi (directed by Sean Kecskes)

Synopsis: A touching drama, in which a young soldier’s story is told through a sequence of 

narrations and letters.

Cast: Narrator, any gender, any age

         Jack, a young man, in his 20s, white


“Answer the Door” by Pete DiSante (directed by Meg Berger)

Synopsis: A long-married couple discusses whether or not to see who is at the door in this 


Cast: Ma, woman, must be able to believably portray someone married for decades

         Pa, man, must be able to believably portray someone married for decades


“The Voice” by Meg Berger (directed by Deb Dworkin)

Synopsis: An online video game takes an unexpected turn when two friends start hearing a 

Voice in this comic play.

Cast: Caroline, woman

          Mary, woman

          Voice, man or woman


“Drink When She” written and directed by Tara Makar 

Synopsis: A comedic look at a group of friends catching up online as they toast each other’s 


Cast: Rachel, woman 20-40, assertive, sarcastic

         Angie, woman, 20-40, unassuming, cat-lady

         Jess, woman, 20-40, compulsive, sarcastic

         Joe, Rachel’s husband, good-natured

         Gary, 40s, Angie’s date, super up-beat, hopelessly optimistic


“A Quick Fix” by Marilyn Zerlak (directed by Tony Targan)

Synopsis: A woman’s online blind date quickly takes a hilarious turn.

Cast: Clare, Lawyer, 30-40, tightly wound

         Mac, 30-40 dorky, biker dude

         Pierce, 30-40 smug builder of shopping malls


“Everyday Woo Woo” by Kris Kelly (directed by Jake Zinke)

Synopsis: The sweet story of a daughter learning an important lesson from her mother about 

what’s important during the time we have together. 

Cast: Mom, 60s, happy, high energy yoga enthusiast

         Sarah, 30s, her serious and stressed-out daughter, business woman

         Jordan, calm & gentle Hospice worker, any gender

         Young Child: voice off-screen, any gender


“Unusual Suspects” by Jake Zinke (directed by Kathleen Lietz)

Synopsis: A true-crime pod-caster interviews a cast of zany suspects to find out what really 

happened on the night her father died.

Cast: Lucy, woman 30-50, pod-caster

         Bernie, man 30-50, juggler

         Lia, woman 30-50, contortionist

         Tex, man 30-50, clown

         Zelda, woman 30-50, fortune teller


“Skin Deep” written and directed by Stephen Sussman

Synopsis: High school student Jamie has a surprise request for her parents in this comedy, but 

will it go as she’s planned?

Cast: Jamie, 16 yr old girl in high school

         Jesse, her sister, sophomore in college

         Margie, mother, late 40s

         Tom, father, late 40s/early 50s


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