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Michael Campion Receives Lifetime Service Award at Open House!

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Thank you to everyone who attended our Open House on September 9th! It was great to see so many members and new faces too.

Carla Margolis, who plays Mama Rose in the upcoming production of GYPSY, was there to sing two songs from the show! Her stellar vocals and performance was a highlight of the

Open House!

Also at the Open House...

St. Dunstan's President, Alan Binkow, with Award Winner, Michael Campion

Michael Campion was honored with a St. Dunstan's Lifetime Service Award for the many years of volunteer work he has done for our theatre.  Michael has been an important part of our theatre since 1995.  We thank him for his dedication and meticulous work he has contributed, including set builds, props, and various other tasks around the theatre.

Congratulations Michael!

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