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Arsenic & Old Lace Cast

Thank you to everyone who came out to

Arsenic & Old Lace auditions!

There was an amazing amount of talent and

we are thrilled to announce our cast:

Cast list:

Abby: Peggy Lee

Martha: Janie Minchella

Teddy: Sean Kecskes

Mortimer: Andrew Catterall

Elaine: Molly Dorset

Johnathan: Chris Steinmayer

Einstein: Anthony Marsalese

Dr. Harper/Witherspoon: Rob Grodin

Brophy: Michelle Ankoviak

Klein: Dan Muldoon

Mr. Gibbs: Al Rosie

Rooney: Hoggie Amare

O'Hara: Mark Walters

Crew list:

Director: Jeff Davison

Assistant Director: Kathy Brooks

Producer: Alan Binkow

Set Designer/Builder/Lighting: Obie Burch

Stage Manager: Susan Holmes

Costumes: Linda Watson & Kathy Shapiro

Props: Bob Yazejian

Tickets: Ruth Bennett

Publicity: Molly Dorset

Shows: January 25, 26, February 1, 2, 8, 9 at 8 pm February 3 and 10 at 2 pm

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