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Show Composites Available!


Finally, you can reminisce with a composite of your favorite show right in your own home! The project of digitizing 90 years of St. Dunstan composites (over 300 shows) is bearing fruit for the members, in the form of availability of your very own, full-sized copy of the composite(s) of your favorite show(s). We are hoping to generate excitement as well as revenue with this next phase of the project.

In December and January, a team of St. D's members had removed all composites from their frames, then worked with a professional to have them digitally photographed in three different resolution sizes. Older composites that had lived in various unfriendly storage spaces were moved into acid-free, climate-controlled storage at Cranbrook Archives, to be preserved and available for all time. Many composites are now back in their frames and on the walls in the Playhouse.

The great news is that reprints are now available for a donation in amounts as suggested below. The donations will bring in funds for projects and improvements at the Playhouse.

This kind of history may never repeat itself. Chronicle your favorite role with a copy of the composite from your show and help the theater with your donation. A win-win!

Here's how:

1. For a suggested donation of $10 or more, we will email you a link for a high-resolution print. Use the link to order a reprint yourself at your favorite photo retailer. This is a great option for folks who have moved out of the local area.

2. For a suggested donation of $35 or more, you will get a high quality 16x20" glossy print on 1/16" posterboard.

3. For a suggested donation of $45 or more, you will get a high quality 16x20" glossy print in one of the original glass and silver-colored metal frames, ready for hanging. We have a limited number of frames.

Donations must accompany your order and can be submitted easily through the DONATE button on St. D's website:

The largest size composites, which are 20x24", cost more to print than the standard 16x20" size, so the donation should be larger.

For questions, more information, and orders, please email Pam Huegli (, or Ruth Bennett ( Be sure to include your phone number if you want a call back.

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